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Principles of Negotiation . Introduction 9 out of 10 of our greatest victories have been negotiations. The First Step to Becoming a Better Negotiator Is: Consciousness . Style •We all have a style •We must recognize our own style •Recognition allows for improvement By referring to step 1 of the negotiation process, apply the best practice negotiation principles to this workplace situation. Ensure that you focus on the following key points: Preparatory points to consider Ground rules Hot Buttons Doing Research WAP BATNA ZOPA. 37. STEP 2: EXCHANGING INFORMATION


Negotiation skills best practice principles and process, Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website Negotiation takes place when two or more people, with differing views, come together to attempt to reach agreement on an issue. It is persuasive communication or bargaining. Negotiation is about getting the best possible deal in the best possible way. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by Negotiating Without Giving In. A party should generally not accept a worse resolution than its BATNA. Bottom line or reservation point. Walk away if outcome is better than BATNA. Need to ensure that a negotiator's BATNA is never revealed to the other party. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by SEVEN ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATIONS December 2008 - Jerome Slavik Adapted from Getting To Yes - Negotiating Agreements Without Giving In, R. Fisher and W. Ury 1. RELATIONSHIP: AM I PREPARED TO DEAL WITH THE RELATIONSHIP

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Establish a strong foundation early on in the negotiation by demonstrating your skills on the matter. Playing catch-up during a negotiation can be very difficult. 6. Your Offer and Closing the Deal. An offer is not just a dollar amount. Includes all the elements of the bargain and the formal agreement or contract Knowing the norms of ethics and negotiation can be useful whether you're negotiating for yourself or on behalf of someone else. Each ethical case you come up against will have its own twists and nuances, but there a few principles that negotiators should keep in mind while at the bargaining table Negotiation usually proceeds in a series of rounds, with every agent making a proposal at every round. c M. J. Wooldridge, used by permission/Updated by Simon Parsons, Fall 2011 4. Lecture 10 An Introduction to Multiagent Systems There are a number of aspects of negotiation that make i Stages of Negotiation - Closing • Secure an agreement: start small • Test reciprocity in non-important area • Confirm agreement • Make the other side feel like it got a good deal. • Lots of negotiating tactics with names: - Scarcity tactic: someone else wants it. - Deadlines: e.g deal is good for 5 day PowerPoint presentation Understand the principles underpinning negotiation Unit 303 (B&A 42): Negotiate in a business environment. Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration Set the rules for negotiation, discuss in a logical rather than an emotiona l way The lead negotiato

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Getting a Yes - but how?Dr. Thomas Henschel (Academy of Mediation in Berlin) explains 'The Harvard Approach' and how to get a Yes in every negotiation. This. 7 principles for effective negotiations. By Stan Silverman - Contributing Writer . Aug 29, 2017. I've spent years negotiating many types of deals and living with the results as well as. World's Best PowerPoint Templates - CrystalGraphics offers more PowerPoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Winner of the Standing Ovation Award for Best PowerPoint Templates from Presentations Magazine. They'll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance - the kind of sophisticated look that today's audiences expect Negotiation 101: The 6 Principles Published on May 24, 2014 May 24, The ultimate reason for any negotiation (of any kind) is to find an agreement between parties (good or bad). I think that. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: Game Principles of International Business Negotiation is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with PowerShow.com

How to Negotiate using the Harvard Principles of Negotiation. How to Find the 18th Camel.00:04 to 01:55 Introduction01:55 to 04:33 The 18th Camel Sto.. Principled negotiation is an interest-based approach to negotiation that focusses primarily on conflict management and conflict resolution. Principled negotiation uses an integrative approach to finding a mutually shared outcome. First explained in the book Getting to Yes, principled negotiation is used mostly in North America Hostage Negotiation: Psychological Principles and Practices ABSTRACT: Resolution of hostage crises may take hours or days of intensely focused and stressful negotiation, requiring the use of virtually every crisis intervention strategy known to psychology and law enforcement. This article describes the nature of hostage crises and the factors.

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This is the fourth post in a series entitled: The Principles of International Negotiation: Finding Universal Value in a Complex World In our two previous posts on international negotiation, we discussed the importance of P&L (Patience and Listening) and the dynamics of credibility and leverage.One is a practice, the second is a conceptual understanding Abstract. This chapter is about negotiation and has three goals. First, we review recent developments in the social psychological study of negotiation. Second, we develop a set of basic principles.

Negotiation. The Ninja Corporation has one of the largest factories on the East Coast. Every five years, the company puts out a request for bids for businesses to clean and paint the factory floor ILO principles concerning collective bargaining 35 collective bargaining, the workers and subjects covered will first be set out. Then follow the principles of voluntary negotiation and good faith, the intervention of the authorities and the particular case of the public service. Finally, a summary of the principles is presented along with some. Negotiation may also be considered scientific, having principles and methods that are used systematically through training and experience Negotiation is personal and individual. It is subject to, understood, and operate by the same psychological and sociological principles and theories that govern social interactions generally Chinese Negotiating Style: Commercial Approaches and Cultural Principles Written by Lucian W. Pye Presentation by Lisa DeMello Point of This Book 1. Minimize future misunderstandings in Chinese commercial negotiations 2. Provide guidance for government- to-government negotiations Summary 1. Practice patience 2

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  1. • To give you an organized theoretical framework with which to analyze problems of negotiation -- one that will help you to keep learning from your experiences. • To enable you to experiment actively with a variety of negotiating techniques and your own negotiating styles. • To help you become more sensitive to ethical issues in negotiation
  2. Principles of Case Management (3) Advocate for clients — Case manager needs to be willing to speak out and promote clients' best interests — May involve communicating with programs, legal systems, legislative bodies, etc. — Advocacy may relate to single client or be broader in scope (i.e., encouraging a program to includ
  3. Linking Key Principles and Behaviors. Leadership . vs. Leader. Assessing Personal Growth as a Leader-- Professional Role-- Change & Innovation. Integrating Learning: Applying the practices of leadership--Team Leadership-- Resources--Policy. Accountability--Negotiating-- Conflict Skills--Career . Management. 1
  4. Principles of negotiation and influencing Understanding Individuals: Principles of Negotiation and Influencing This section covers: Principles of Negotiation and Influencing Influencing and negotiating are things we all try to do all the time. For instance, we want to influence our children to behave according to codes and values we feel are appropriate or we want ou
  5. 2.Review and discuss the relevant principles and practices of case Negotiation Dispute Resolution Alternatives Principles and Practices 13 14 15. 6 16 Microsoft PowerPoint - 06.30.2020 - Tim Dibble PPT - CFM NC Family Judges PPT_Jun 2020_v1 Author

Negotiation Cheat Sheet Table of Contents. Negotiation Process. Prepare. 1.1 Decide if you should negotiate at all; 1.2 Decide if a negotiation is position-based or interest-based; 1.3 Decide if a negotiation is dispute-resolution or deal-making; 1.4 Complete a negotiation analysis; 1.5 Conduct cross-cultural negotiations; 1.6 Resolve ethical issues in negotiations; 1.7 Decide if you should. Principled negotiation allows you to leverage the principles of your opponent to win a negotiation. Parties can often reach a better agreement through integrative negotiation—that is, by identifying interests where they have different preferences and making tradeoffs among them. If you care more about what movie you see tonight, but your friend cares more about where you have dinner, for. Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. In any disagreement, individuals understandably aim to achieve the best possible outcome for their position (or perhaps an organisation they represent). However, the principles of fairness. The first approach is called distributive or zero-sum negotiation, where one side 'wins' and the other 'loses'. Parties put their personal positions and differences before their counter-party. For example, negotiating with a car sales associate. The second approach is called integrative or interest-based negotiation

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  1. In this article I interview negotiation expert Alan McCarthy on all aspects and elements of negotiation from beginning to advanced. This is a HUGE article - but if you take the time to read it and take notes, you'll definitely learn a lot and come away with some great recommendations. In this article you will [
  2. Negotiation Quiz Please check off on this sheet which of these situations represents a negotiation. (You may wish first to answer all those you find easy and then go back to the others.) • Buying a rug in a West African market • Soliciting a new source of venture capita
  3. GTY PRINCIPLES: INTEGRATIVE NEGOTIATION A wise agreement can be defined as one that meets the legitimate interests of each side to the extent possible, resolves conflicting interests fairly, is durable, and takes community interests into account. 1. Separate the people from the problem. Acknowledge and address emotions; be soft on the people, hard on the problem
  4. The Rational vs. the Emotional Aspects of Negotiation Two Kinds of Bargaining: Distributive (win-lose) or Integrative (win-win) Basic Principles of Integrative or Win-Win Bargaining: Planning for the Negotiation Paying Attention to the Flow of Negotiation: Negotiation is a sequence of events, not an incident The Intangibles of Negotiation

Negotiation is a type of discussion used to settle disputes and reach agreements between two or more sides. Negotiation is a process of give and take resulting in a compromise where each side makes a concession for the benefit of everyone involved. There are many situations where you may need to negotiate at work, no matter what your role is administration 7:00-7:15, International business basics training - . The master slide shows a business woman in a suit, carefully reviewing a contract. It has been updated with inputs from readers and others, most recently in March 2008. NEGOTIATION IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PRESENTED BY •LAKSHITA ASAWA 2. Multi-Agent Systems - . International business negotiations can be discussed from many.

Negotiating Skills for Teachers. One of the most important skills teachers need for classroom management is negotiation. Teachers and students have very different relationships than in generations past, as students and parents are more aware of their rights and less likely to consider the teacher to be always right.. Negotiation skills aren't just for businesspeople. Negotiation training comes in handy in a variety of real-world situations, whether at work (like negotiating a job offer) or at home (like deciding whose turn it is to do the dishes). The first step to being a skilled negotiator—and finally getting to yes—is understanding the five basic stages of the process Negotiation Skills And Conflict Management * Effective conflict management is necessary for a team to be successful. Here is one method to manage team conflict. - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 50b827-M2U2

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The Six Principles of Successful Workplace Negotiation No matter what your job title, chances are you engage in workplace negotiations every day. Whether selling products or services to clients, vying for more company resources, driving your ideas through to completion, or simply managing the day-to-day workload, being able to successfully. Negotiation (or bargaining) takes place in a variety of contexts. While the objectives of this course focuses on business negotiations, the principles of negotiation apply to a vast and diverse range of personal, business and public situations. For example, at home you may be negotiating a curfew with your teenager or a new home purchase conform to a central body of general theory and consensual principles. As a method of extracting the fundamental principles of ADR, the discontinuities and continuities between the theory and principles of civil procedure, as a unitary system .of procedure, and ADR processes are explored. However, in its conclusions, the thesi If you let these five power negotiation principles guide your conduct as you negotiate, they will serve you well throughout your business dealings, and will propel you into becoming a Power Negotiator. Roger Dawson is a negotiating consultant and a sales and management speaker

Over time the experience you gain from negotiating in sales will allow you to incorporate a unique style and flair but keep these 4 key principles of negotiation in mind on your next deal! Twitter. View Investigative Negotiation PPT.pdf from FILES 718 at East Los Angeles College. 11/12/2009 INVESTIGATIVE NEGOTIATION INVESTIGATIVE NEGOTATION MINDSET METHODOLOGY Analogy: detective in a crim

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is a compilation of notes on the principles of management:- 1. Definition of Management 2. Socio-Economic and Cultural Significance of Management 3. Organisation and Management 4. Nature 5. Dynamics 6. Managerial Acts 7. Process of Management 8. Challenge to Management 9. Theories of Management 10. Levels of Management 11. Management as an Art, [ Agile Manifesto & Principles: Philosophy and Practice History of Agile Methods Particularly in 1990s, some developers reacted against traditional heavyweight software development processes. New methods were being developed and tested, e.g. extreme programming, SCRUM, Feature-driven development Generally termed light processes Representatives from several of these methods got together in Utah.


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Box 1.2 Guiding principles for sustainable livelihoods 32 Box 1.3 Consensual negotiations 33 Box 2.1 Conflict and violence 35 Box 2.2 Detecting latent conflict 39 Box 2.3 Summary of responses to conflict 43 Box 2.4 Four basic points of consensual negotiation 50 Box 2.5 Capacity building and empowerment 5 Principles and Tactics of Negotiation, an article that appeared in the Journal of Oncology Practice, gives some ground rules for leaders when in negotiations. The article reminds leaders that, in most circumstances, you are negotiating a relationship, not a transaction 4.1 Definition Of Negotiation Dialogue between two/more people, intended to reach an understanding and agreement upon courses of action to satisfy various interest in negotiation process. Negotiation is a process in which two or more people, with different views, reach an agreement by selective use of different method of persuasion To get my exclusive full interview with former head of FBI hostage negotiation Chris Voss (where he explains the two words that tell you a negotiation is going very badly) join my free weekly. The Agile Manifesto is comprised of four foundational values and 12 supporting principles which lead the Agile approach to software development. Each Agile methodology applies the four values in different ways, but all of them rely on them to guide the development and delivery of high-quality, working software. 1

Negotiation in the purchasing process covers the period from when the first communication is made between the purchasing buyer and the supplier through to the final signing of the contract. Negotiation can be as simple as trying to obtain a discount on a case of safety gloves through to the complexities of major capital purchases Sales Skills & Negotiation Skills Selling Masterclass - A step by step guide to becoming a Master Salesman! Sales skills and negotiation skills, a beginners guide to business development for the sales consultant. The complete guide to mastering selling skills, sales strategies and sales techniques so that you can become a master Sales Consultant Negotiation is an essential skill for achieving your objectives in a variety of situations, without compromising the views and opinions of the other person(s). Many people fear negotiating whilst others revel in the fight - however you feel, learning effective negotiation skills will help you develop sustainable and respectful. Negotiation can take place between a procurement professional and parties within the supply chain for a variety of reasons. Negotiation is used with the intension of all parties reaching an agreement. The ideal outcome is win-win but this is not always achievable. Negotiation can involve a number of ploys and tactics but regardless of the.

Negotiative behavior, including negotiation and mediation, has been the primary means by which human being have survived and conducted affairs throughout history. As society has become more politically, socially and technologically complex, so too have negotiative behaviors adapted and evolved. The natural history of negotiation and mediation includes five discernible approaches and each. Principles respecting the Government of Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples. PDF Version . Download the poster. The Government of Canada is committed to achieving reconciliation with Indigenous peoples through a renewed, nation-to-nation, government-to-government, and Inuit-Crown relationship based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, and partnership as the foundation for. By integrating these principles into your work ethic, the outcome of your decisions will always be in line with the goal of public procurement. As a public procurement practitioner you are a public servant. You manage public funds, are bound by an ethical code of conduct, and are accountable for what you do or fail to do when managing those. +1 (404) 480-2195 support@professorswork.co

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Negotiation/Mediation Principles. Slide 7 Techniques of Negotiation/Mediation Generate a variety of possibilities Separate the people from the problem Focus on interests not positions Result has to be based on objective criteria. Phases of Negotiation / Mediation •Planning •Conduc An introduction to negotiation 3 Box 1.1: Advice to negotiators - an 'up-front' summary Be pragmatic - negotiation is messy Negotiation - like politics - is the art of the possible. Remember - at ALL times - that negotiation is two-sided Others can make choices too! Be inquisitive and acquisitiv 2.3 Understand the negotiation (and post-negotiation) process (Section 3.4) 10 2.4 Three negotiating techniques 11 Section 3. Core Knowledge 3.1 Knowledge of self 15 3.1.1 Specific goals: how could an EPA help? 15 The four steps to strategy 15 3.1.2 Positive targets 17 3.1.3 Negative targets 1 Principles of Interest-Based Negotiation The primary principle of interest-based negotiations is to emerge or get a good understanding of your and the other party's interests and to develop or invent creative options that will meet those interests. This approach increases the chance of establishing a good relationship with the othe

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Harvard Principles of Negotiation . The basic prerequisite for using the Harvard method is that both parties are familiar with the concept and have agreed to use the method! To successfully implement the Harvard method, you should also consider the following conditions The most important negotiation tactic is one many of us were taught early in our lives, but are likely still trying to master: listening. When you're eager to make a business deal, it's easy to get caught up in your talking points. The most effective negotiators follow the 80/20 rule: Listen 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time.. Download Free PPT. Download Free PDF. TOPIC- CHAPTER 6 & 7 PRINCIPLES AND TYPES OF INTERVIEWING. Prema Maniam. 20 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. TOPIC- CHAPTER 6 & 7 PRINCIPLES AND TYPES OF INTERVIEWING. Download. Mutual interest and win-win negotiation Steps in the Appraisal Process • Review progress Use established.

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11. If the negotiation fails, don't take it personally. Hindsight is 20/20. If you don't land a project because it wasn't the right fit, or the client overrules your beautiful color scheme. 2. Negotiators focus on right when they seek to resolve a dispute by drawing upon decision rules or standards grounded in principles of law, fairness, or perhaps an existing contract. 3. Negotiators focus on power when they use threats or other means to try to coerce the other party into making concessions. - Starting a negotiation by conveying. DISTRIBUTIVE NEGOTIATION. Distributive Negotiation occurs in the form of somebody winning and somebody losing. It's a zero sum game. The key objective in distributive negotiation is to maximize our party's share of value from a particular deal - regardless of the impact on future relationship with the other party. It is thus a 'transactional' (rather than 'relation') approach

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In negotiation, a commitment can be defined as an agreement, demand, offer, or promise made by one or more party. A commitment can range from an agreement to meet at a particular time and place to a formal proposal to a signed contract. Communication. Whether you are negotiating online, via phone, or in person, you will take part in a. ADVERTISEMENTS: Main principles for handling grievances are given below: 1. Grievance procedure should be demonstrated fairly. The attitude of the supervisor is very important. He should accept the employee's right to appeal as long as no by-passing is involved. In a unionised company, supervisors should also recognise the employees' right to be represented by a [ • Understand basic management principles applying to individuals, small and large organizations • Grasp the basics of management functions • Appreciate the ideal characteristics of a good manager • See the importance of knowledge of self when viewing management skills • Recognize professional skills required of manager negotiation. International negotiation is very complex and difficult because it involves different laws, regulations, standards, business practices and above all cultural differences (Fatehi, 2008). Foreign markets are expensive to enter. A reason for choosing this research topic was the want to study more about the whole negotiation process When viewed as problem solving, negotiation moves from being a win-lose game to one of mutual benefit. This lecture will help you negotiate ways to achieve more of what you want in preparing for negotiation. Neale shares inspiring new ways to practice negotiating in everyday interactions and improve your chances of getting more of what you want

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Online Resources Community Advocacy: A Psychologist's Toolkit for State and Local Advocacy is a science-based toolkit that highlights various advocacy strategies to inform policy at the state and local levels. It aims to build a community of grassroots psychologist advocates that can intervene to promote well-being in the communities in which they reside As these five principles demonstrate, successful investigative negotiation requires challenging some time-honored negotiation approaches. Chief among these is the reflex to sell your position 4) Instill Urgency (Again) The decision maker clearly understands why having this solution is important now, rather than later. They want to start receiving the benefits of your solution as soon as possible. Yet Procurement often isn't on the same page. If you want them to prioritize your deal, make sure they're aware of the decision maker. 3 Listed below are principles of contract interpretation that are specific to certain substantive areas of contracts. These principles are based solely upon the limited case law that was reviewed in connection with compiling this guide and this guide does not purport to include a complete set of all such types of contract-interpretation principles Unit 2 - Principles of Business Communication and Information. Element 1. Understand negotiations in a business environment. 1.1 Explain the importance of negotiation in a business environment. In all business environments, there will be times where negotiation is needed, without it disappointment or conflict may be created, and the main.

Specialists are generally required for negotiation and mediation. The following excerpt has been provided as an introduction: Analyse the interest of the parties. This is important to understand the perceptions, the style of negotiation, and the interests and principles of the counterparts, as well as one's own Contract negotiation is the process in which the parties iron out the details of the contract before committing the terms to writing. Parties attempt to negotiate terms that are favorable to themselves. When negotiating, each party assesses the risk or benefit of including a particular term New insights into cross cultural negotiation strategy; The challenges of multiparty/multi issue negotiations; Who Should Enroll. This online program is designed for professionals in business, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations with some negotiating experience who want to take their strategic skills to a higher level General Principles of Language Acquisition A number of general principles derived from current research and theory about the nature of language, language learning, human development, and pedagogy, underlie the ESL standards described in this document. These principles are described briefly here. 1. Language is functional. 2. Language varies. 3 Follow these five key principles of negotiation to guide your classroom activities. 1. Do Your Research Doing your homework is vital to successful negotiation, says Ed Brodow, CEO of Negotiation Boot Camp. You can't make accurate decisions without understanding the other side's situation. The more information you have about the.

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1. The Two Main Forms of Negotiation. 2. Forging Ahead. There are many types of negotiation strategies and many circumstances under which you may find yourself needing to smartly and soundly negotiate for yourself or others. Negotiating can be a frightening prospect for some people, and it may be hard to know the best way to approach a negotiation Stress-testing expected policy plans and resources against the implications of a principles framework may help shape the stages of diplomatic outreach, negotiation, and mutual agreement. Policy points that contradict or fail to meet the parameters of the 10 Principles could indicate a gap in the overall approach, which can be modified or.

Introduction. Negotiation is a fact of life for almost everyone in business and a key skill for any successful project manager. Skillful and effective negotiation involves a combination of communication skills, an understanding of both your own goals and those of your negotiating partners, and the ability to use influence and persuasion to create the attitude change and subsequent actions. Here are the five most important negotiation skills you should focus on first. Each of these skills has proved to be worth millions to my clients and to me over the past 25 years

Three Ways of Teaching Negotiation Skills to High School Students. 1. The Orange Exercise. Adapted from George Mason University Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, the Orange Exercise involves dividing the class into pairs—each pair starts with one orange. Tell the pairs that they are arguing over possession of the orange, and ask. * Principled Negotiation. Same four basic principles (PIOC) Change the game by starting a new one (apartment example p.117ff) Remain open to persuasion by objective facts and principles. Stick to principles without blaming or attacking. Communicate information by means of questions There is no magic or mystery to negotiations or to what makes a master negotiator. There are 5 steps and practices that consistently work. The model presented here identifies the five stages of any negotiation in a simplified framework that helps you to analyze, absorb and apply the Best Negotiating Practices. This model was built from diverse client experiences at organizations around the.

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If you are negotiating in the public sector, it could mean that you need to change your approach or, perhaps, adopt new practices to demonstrate fairness with the suppliers involved. It could also mean that the negotiation itself is less about refining and agreeing the makeup of what we are buying, but focuses more on our overall requirements Principles of Effective Communication - Clarity in Ideas, Appropriate Language, Attention, Consistency, Adequacy, Proper Time, Informality, Feedback and a Few Others. The chief purpose of communication is the exchange of ideas among various people working in the organisation. The process of communication should be helpful in an effective.

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Negotiation is a critical skill needed for effective management. Negotiation 8e by Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders, and Bruce Barry explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and its resolution by Greg Satell. Everybody negotiates. Some people like it, others hate it but all agree that the ability to negotiate well is a valuable business skill and therefore it's something worth doing well. To be successful in negotiations, you have to be tough, but it also helps to have a strategy. Fortunately, Game Theory provides us with insights. Principles Of Conflict Resolution. 1. Think Before Reacting. The tendency in a conflict situation is to react immediately. After all, if we do not react we may lose our opportunity. In order to resolve conflict successfully it is important to think before we react--consider the options, weigh the possibilities Negotiation is a critical business skill. It impacts organizations not only in the informal every day interactions people have with colleagues, clients, potential clients, and suppliers, but also in the formal transactions that directly impact the bottom line - the margin on each sale, the concession we make on a vendor agreement, the final outcome of internal budget discussions, etc Here's a recap of how Dr. Cialdini's 6 Principles of Persuasion work, and how to use them in your own marketing strategy: Reciprocity. Commitment & Consistency. Social Proof. Liking. Authority. Scarcity. 1. The Reciprocity Principle: In many social situations, we pay back what we received from others

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